The Autistic Gardener – A new four part series for Channel 4

C4's The Autistic Gardener
Alan Gardener – C4’s The Autistic Gardener

Alan Gardner prides himself on being an award winning gardener having won medals at the UK’s major horticultural shows from Chelsea to Hampton Court. But he’s not your typical gardener because Alan is autistic…and he puts his success down to the condition.

‘The reason I think some people with autism can become such good gardeners is because we think differently,’ says Alan. ‘Our brain thinks in different ways…simple as that.’

In a bid to prove his point, Alan’s taken on five keen amateur gardeners, who also happen to be autistic, to unlock their horticultural genius.

Charles (29) is not only a brilliant percussionist but also a passionate gardener with a passion for growing his own veg; 30-year-old Philip is an avid collector of exotic plant and is the proud owner of over 60 cacti; Victoria, who’s 27, has been gardening with her mother for as long as she can remember; Thomas, loves the tranquillity and order that his allotment offers and James, who’s 25, has a photographic memory when it comes to plants.

Along with his dream team, Alan’s taking on our unloved back gardens of fee-paying clients in a bid to transform them into spectacular, magical gardens.

But the team have a time limit of just one week in each garden and strict budgets to stick to which won’t be easy as both of which are alien concepts to the gardeners.

And Alan’s convinced his unique experiment will work…but, as he says: ‘Only time will tell.’

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