The Autistic Gardener

In this brand new series, Alan launches himself into suburbia in a bid to take tired, overgrown gardens from wasteland to wonderland using his unique brand of horticultural know-how.

The multi-award winning Chelsea Flower Show horticulturalist sees his finely tuned expertise as something incredibly special.  “To me, my autism’s a gift,” he says. “I live in a world of patterns and shapes.  Every day is a deluge of sensations and it’s this that I utilise to bring my creative designs to life.”

With the help of his decidedly non-autistic side-kick landscaper Anthony and Anthony’s team, Alan takes on three gardens and travels further than he has ever been before in search of his inspiration – to the United States of America where, unbeknown to most people, there is a wealth of unbridled horticultural inventiveness.

Closer to home, Alan finds inspiration for his designs everywhere and nowhere – in wind turbines, jet engines and even old school geometry.  “I’m curious.  I’m never stuck for motivation.  I just look around me…look for the detail, look for the unusual…and most importantly…look up.”